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HIV, HCV & STD Clinical Education Initiative
New York State Department of Health • AIDS Institute
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Project ECHO

CEI offers an exciting new "telementoring" program
for providers of STD clinical care using the ECHO™ model.

Interested? Check here for more info.

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Onsite Training
CEI provides free onsite HIV, HCV and STD trainings to clinicians and healthcare organizations in New York State. Please click the button to request onsite training.
CEI Line
CEI Line Hours Update!
CEI provides this toll-free number for clinicians in New York State to discuss PEP, PrEP, HIV, HCV and STD management with a specialist. This line supports inquiries from clinicians only in the following disciplines: MD, NP, PA, RN, PharmD or DDS and is not intended for patient or consumer inquiry.
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